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Photo: Sandra Semburg

Hello! I am a consultant, author and concept developer based in Berlin. As a visualisation strategist, I am interested in how data visualisation and enlightening visuals can be used to communicate complex knowledge. “Complex,” as in fuzzy, overwhelming, abstract, multidimensional or just plain complicated.

I regularly share my knowledge about data visualisation as a consultant, and help clients communicating complex information using visuals. Currently I am venturing into the fields of data science and machine learning, in an on-going collaboration with Idalab GmbH Berlin. Furthermore, I have worked in various teams for developing interactive and computational installations, mostly with TRIAD Berlin and ART+COM Studios.

I have published two books with art and design publisher TASCHEN which tackle the current burst in the field of information graphics and data visualisation. In cooperation with New York-based Princeton Architectural Press, I recently released a book about the work of Charles-Joseph Minard, one of the most important forefathers of modern information visualization. Furthermore, I am currently preparing a massive overview of “The History of Information Graphics”, to be out from TASCHEN in May 2019.

My academic background is in art history and cultural theory. I support the work of Amnesty International. For some random meddling follow me on Twitter. If you want to get in touch, please drop me a line using this form below.

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