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Photo: Sandra Semburg

Hello, my name is Sandra!

I am a concept developer, author and editor. In collaboration with various teams, I develop interactive installations and innovative digital products. Furthermore, I am an expert in datavisualisation and infographics and have published four books about that.

The History of Information Graphics (2019, published with art & design publisher Taschen) is a massive overview of 1200 years of infographics. 2018 I released a book about the work of Charles-Joseph Minard (with Princeton Architectural Press). Minard is considered one of the most important forefathers of modern information visualization, and the book assembles his complete oeuvre in statistical graphics. Two earlier compilations, also published with Taschen, provide a survey of contemporary data visualisation.

I have previously worked as Head of Design for Sapera, a Berlin-based consultancy specialising in information visualisation and strategic consulting. Other collaborators over the years include TRIAD Berlin and ART+COM Studios, as well as the data science-consultancy Idalab.

My academic background is in art history and cultural theory. I support the work of Amnesty International. For some random meddling follow me on Twitter. If you want to get in touch, please drop me a line using this form below.

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