My second book with art and design publisher TASCHEN, “Understanding the World. The atlas of infographics” was released in November 2014.

In this book, we explored the potential of infographics to explain difficult issues, and the possibility of weaving a larger narrative from a selection of works. Most of the material came from the realm of journalism, and we put together a kind of world atlas. The information given in all these graphics is used to create a larger panorama of our world today.

Also, we enhanced the collection by including historical examples, giving a perspective of how explanatory graphics have been used in earlier times. The book was featured on Monocle24’s show Section D, along with Steven Hellers book “Raw Data”.




In 2012, I have published „Information Graphics“, a comprehensive compilation of work from the fields of data visualisation and information graphics, in collaboration with Julius Wiedemann at Taschen. The book looks at info graphics and data visualisation as a mode of communication that is used in different worlds: in education or entertainment, in science and journalism etc. We chose works from many different fields, all very diverse in their complexity and in their general “tone”. We also featured works in which people used diagrams to tell something about their personal lives.

Thankfully, we have received numerous nice reviews in various media and blogs from around the world. Here’s a tiny selection:

The Guardian
El Pais Blog (Spanish)
ART Magazin (German)
Deutschlandradio Kultur (German)
It’s nice that
Brain Pickings

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