Interview: “A general literacy in info vis” (InformForm)

Maria da Gandra and Maaike van Neck are the masterminds behind the magazine InformForm. Two beautifully designed print issues have been published to this day.

Conceived as an international platform for information design, the magazine is now accompanied by an online platform which went live last week.

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Spread from issue #1 (2012)

For their selection of articles and features, Maaike and Maria asked me for an interview about the process of reviewing and selecting works of information design for my two books with Taschen.

Also, we discussed a few broader questions, such as the role of interactivity in today’s information design, the question where the field might be headed in general and the importance of analysing visual work thoroughly in order to establish a literacy in info vis.

The full piece can be found here along with interviews with experts such as Santiago Ortiz, Ole Häntzschel or Catalogtree, all of whom have contributed great work to the field of information visualisation…

From the glossary: Entry on textures

From the glossary: Entry on textures

Apart from those, I particularly recommend the glossary with basic terms and concepts of information design (such as above). And don’t forget to check out the maps collection, they have some awesome historical examples there…

Detail from a 1938 tourist map of the Netherlands, to be found on InformForm's map section

Detail from a 1938 tourist map of the Netherlands, to be found on InformForm’s map section

Thanks, Maria and Maaike – I look forward to seeing the platform grow further! –>