The Rheinische Fachhochschule in Cologne, one of the oldest of its kind in Germany, invited me to talk as part of their series of guest lectures on the theme of “Big Data” last week.

As I mentioned earlier, what really keeps me occupied is how we can establish a more detailed and informed dialogue on data visualisation. So what I tried to stretch in this lecture was to show how data visualisation always comes in the form of a particular project, with a concrete aim and designed for a particular format or medium. I presented a choice of works along three main points:

  • Works with different communication goals
  • Works in various formats/media
  • Works with different levels of interactivity

Here’s the video of the talk on youtube, albeit all in German. The lecture series continued with two lectures from the field of Computer Science (Dr. Lars Fischer) and Media Economics (Dhyan Borghoff).

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