Book: “Information Graphics”


I am more than thrilled to announce the release of my first book “Information Graphics”, which I put together with a great team from Taschen Publishing in Cologne/Los Angeles. The project was an inspiring collaboration with a number of great people from the scene of data visualisation and information graphics. First and foremost, Nigel Holmes put together a fantastic poster on how he conceived the world of information graphics today.

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Secondly, it was a great honour for us to work with Richard Saul Wurman, who contributed an essay on the cognitive foundations of information architecture, and on how it is necessary to keep your curiosity – and never to shy away from asking questions. Richard Saul Wurman also contributed in a broader sense: We organised the book following his concept of LATCH – describing the five ways of organising information. According to RSW, information can be organised by Location, Alphabet, Time, Category and Hierarchy. Trying to set up a structure for the vast amount of diverse material we have collected, this concept seemed to be a fruitful way of setting up chapters.


Furthermore, we were happy to receive contributed essays from Simon Rogers, data journalist and editor of The Guardian’s data blog as well as Paolo Ciuccarelli, the director of the Density Design research lab in Milan, whose members time and again rock the data vis scene with great works, tools and projects.


The book is an hommage to the work of all the designers, artists and educators who contributed their graphics. It was an intense process to research and select these works and I feel very honoured to have worked with so many respected professionals from the field.

The bold and bright book design was invented by Praline Design, a studio of brilliant designers in London. Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy the book! You can find it here on the Taschen website.