I can hardly exaggerate my excitement on the release of my first book earlier this week: INFORMATION GRAPHICS, published by Taschen, is out.


It was an honour to work with the very talented and experienced team at Taschen, who supported me in editing, collecting and commenting this large collection of work from the field of information visualisation. Particularly the collaboration with Julius Wiedemann, Taschen’s well-connected design editor, has yielded many new insights for me.


Our main interest in bringing together this collection was to show the variety of contexts, in which information visualisation is used. The book provides examples from the media and journalism as well as from the realm of science and education, but also features several independent art works or satirical diagrams.

We were lucky to cooperate with several renown authors from the field. Richard S. Wurman, Simon Rogers and Paolo Ciuccarelli all contributed an essay to the book, while Nigel Holmes created a fantastic poster which provides his very personal view of the land of “Infographia”:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-04 um 17.46.23.png

For structuring this wealth of material, we picked up a concept introduced by Richard S. Wurman: LATCH. According to Wurman, there are only five ways to order information systematically: by location, by alphabet, by time, by category or by hierarchy.

Even though many information graphics follow more than one of these to present their information, we still found it a fruitful way to sort the 200+ graphics in the our book. I hope it will be a source of inspiration to many readers, and I am always happy to hear feedback—good or bad…